Tuesday, September 2, 2008


While cruising the web this morning, I came across a website maintained by Kenny Goldsmith called U B U W E B. I found this video made in 2007 by Guy Ben-Ner, Quoted from the site:

"a boy comes home from school with a note indicating he was caught stealing money from his peer at school.

His family is put to the challenge to educate him about the meaning and border lines separating private property from its "other".

The movie starts as a TV "family sit-com", shot in IKEA "show rooms" in 3 different countries, without permission, and explores the ideas of private property, stealing and the family as a piggy bank (a social structure built in order to "keep property from leaking out").

the sitcom family is played out by a real family.

The apartment looks like a Tv set.

Like a family photo album it inhabits the one contradiction: It is very private yet the same everywhere for everybody.

But if in the classical American sitcom the economy is separated from the show (the commercial brake) as the great repressed of that genre- here the price tags, in view everywhere,make the two spheres collapse into a single one.

since we do not ask for permission to shoot the movie there, we need to find a different store-branch every time we get caught, and asked to leave, or stop the shootings.

"being caught", than, disturbs the movie's smooth continuity, but engenders more and more kitchens or living-rooms, to take part in one scene, as a visual catalog of ideal living spaces.

In this way the director allows the IKEA staff and workers to interfere, even dictate, the editing of the movie.

since we do not ask for permission everything is shot in secrecy, like an act of theft.

Sound becomes an issue."

Notice how the children pay off the father when they ask him to do any favors, like help with their homework or reading a bedtime story. How pertinent a lesson that time is worth money- that nothing comes for free these days, even assumed responsibilities of fatherhood.


Sunday, April 20, 2008

how ironic

I've started this project. I've decided to digitally archive all of the hundreds of photos that Tricia and I have accumulated over the years. It is a whopper of a job to scan them in, catalog them, and retouch the important ones. Funny though, because I came across this one that looks strangely like a picture of Libby.


so as per the request of my mom i had to take off the gruesome photo of my arm slice. you'd also like to know that my new website is up and running! so please check it out again. www.trudyleenelson.com. it only took me a year to actually get the ball rolling on that one.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

My Candycane.

This is my couscous wound after the stiches came out.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Birthday Bash

Last night I went to a Birthday Party for two friends, Nick Paparone and MacKenzie McAlpin. The night was really great, I had some laughs and some beers. It was a nice day all around, earlier in the afternoon I was going through old photo's to fill up the new album Libby got me for Christmas (thanks!) I was getting all nostalgic because I came across the photo's from Nick's 21st Birthday party, basically right after we had all just met. Photobucket
I got to thinking about how much time had passed since these pictures! that was 7 years ago!! these guy are some of my oldest friends. so there are a whole ton more of embarrassing photo that I scanned in with the lot. There is this one, which is priceless because not only are my lips red from drinking wine cooler, and Tricia is head to toe Gap while I am wearing an Abercrombie polo shirt, but I am almost positive that it is the FIRST EVER photo of me and Tricia together!!! The first of many. this one was taken on September 9, 2000. Right after we met. Photobucket
and then there are these, from my Birthday in 01. My 19 birthday, that is. hahahahaPhotobucket
Me and Tricia still laugh about the grocery list.
I'm posting this one too because it is so funny.
anyhow.....The party last night had it's moments, and my favorite one was when me Nick and Tricia and Jamie all happened to be standing in a circle in the middle of the floor where everyone was dancing and William had just played Ms. Fat Booty by Mos Def which set the precedent for an epic moment. Jamie starts talking about how long it's been since we met and we all marveled at how amazing it was that we are all still friends and we all live in Philadelphia and we are all still awesome. then we all moved in for a really cute group hug. aw. good times. I am mad though that I didn't get a shot of all of us that night. Oh well. I guess we'll have to wait till next year. Here are my favorite photos from the night:

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Art in The Age

look! i'm a model! buy this T-shirt made by my friend Annette Monnier

check out Art in The Age

Saturday, December 22, 2007


man. it's funny how quickly time can pass when you let it. I feel like the last few months have gone by so fast that I can't even tell you what I've been up to! But, to start where I left off, I've finished working at Vox as their beloved intern, to move on to working at the ICA as a public programs assistant. So, in addition to bartending three nights a week, I go in to the museum three days too. For having not worked much or at all for three months at the end of this summer, it feels both good and exhausting to have my weekdays packed full. So, i have some great pictures from my trip back home with Steven from thanksgiving and of our new kitten, i'll put them up on my flickr page soon. Yes, we adopted a kitten, named Button. She's a tortoise shell medium haired little girl. And she's good! we gave her a bath today and it was so funny. She had a cold the last few weeks and baby kitten sneezes are the best.
so me and Steven aren't going to make it home for Christmas this year. I have to work on Christmas Eve, so instead of sitting here all lonely we decided to book a room at the Trump Plaza hotel in Atlantic City. I think it's hilarious.
So other than all that, my life has been pretty normal.
I've been researching and reading about the Truth and Reconciliation Committe of South Africa for the Gallery. Not just that specifically, but mainly about that and the 3 plays that spun off of it, the ones involving puppets. Thats right, puppets. That's what the next exhibit is going to be about, and I was asked to do a few gallery walkthroughs on some Sundays when there is free admission. So, I have to know all I can about puppets. It's actually pretty interesting. I'll report back after I feel like I am an expert.
So! I hope everyone takes good pictures this week and has a blast. I know I will!