Friday, August 10, 2007

new haircuts

ok here is a decent photo but....look out!!! i'm in the process of dying it at the moment. soooo, in about twenty minutes it will officially be out of date.
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so i went to Tricias new place the other night, (thats where these photo's were taken). It so suits her. Even though it still needs work, i can tell its a good place for her:) funny, how some things become so obvious when they are singled out. i mean, when you are totally by yourself, your habits and oddities sort of jump out at you, while if you are always around other people, you kind of meld with their vibes. i thought of this instantly because, when i walked into Tricia's room, i immediately saw "color scheme Tricia" all the pale yellows and muted baby blues and muted greens, all tiny patterned prints amongst a lot of white. and her piles.
it kinda makes me jealous, her living by herself. but if anyone deserves it, it's her. i DON'T envy all she's dealt with the past few years with roomies. (myself excluded of course). and bok choy is cute as a button and loves all the space. of course booger/monkey still ruffles her feathers as he goes through puberty. ha. he looks like a weird long mini show horse.Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
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aw. i always have a good time with you Tricia.


TSteppn said...

Love the kitty's..but you guys knew that! When is Tricia getting the Bok Choy tattoo?

trudy said...

ha i didn't even know she was gettin one!! guess we'll talk about that while we are getting real spiritual out west in a bit...