Sunday, August 12, 2007

new york experience

yesss!! i finally did it and took my bike up on the chinatown bus. so fun. i went up yesterday to meet Abby, and we went all over Manhattan, basically. we met at the Empire State building...(totally awesome to say i rode my bike there) then to Greenwich village, then uptown on Park Ave, then to Harlem (whoa scary at night on a bike). Then as we left the party in Harlem, we somehow mistakenly rode north of Central Park, waiting to get off our bikes to check the map until we felt the neighborhood was safe enough! ambitious as we were, and not realizing it was already 3 in the morning, the late night trip to the Lower East side to meet some other friends did not happen. whew!! it would have taken us FOREVER!! this morning, we were tired from biking and went to the Whitney to check out the "Summer of Love, psychadellic art from the '60's and '70's" exhibition which was cool...i think Abby will agree that the best part was this big room made of velor where you could go inside and climb in. then there was an exhibit on the 4th floor of Rudolf Stingel's(last photo of Abby is standing in front of one painting) work which i found really beautiful.

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